Even today where a great number of people travel, this question is still asked by those that are new to the travel lifestyle, “WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE TRAVELING?”  A great ton on the topic is there to be shared and I will put down some of the things I believe one should consider before they travel.

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Your main reason of traveling should start from asking yourself why you need to travel to a certain destination. A lot of times we travel to places and fail to consider them as trips because they never turned out to have what we long for in trips. Personal desires in traveling may range from landscapes, views, weather to a mere meet up of new people. So before you set off first answer either one of these questions, “What do you need in a trip?” or “why do you want to go on this trip?”

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With a lot of bans being imposed to countries chances of being accepted to different places are quite staggering; make no mistake of preparing yourself to travel to a country like America without checking the status of traveling there. You might find that your trip to that country is eligible but then endeavor to mind about checking on the visa process. Whereas some countries are blessed to have free passes in a great number of countries, there are some that require an in-depth scrutiny of a traveler to acquire a visa and others have a visa on arrival program or require applying for a visa after staying for more than 30 days but an entry stamp in provided on arrival.

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This is much of understanding what you are heading for as in some cases prior research about a place you wish to visit can save you from unwanted surprises. You would not wish to travel to countries in times they prepare to be hit by strong storms, or even to find that the country is heading for elections which turn out to be chaotic. A great depth of understanding of your intended travel destination will save you from colliding with other programs in the area.

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As you plan on visiting a new place navigating around it can be quite cumbersome and time wasting. It is always advisable to travel to places with a guide on your side and this can be in form of a person who has great knowledge of the place or friends in that particular area or locals that are there to guide at a cost lower than that of companies, another form of guides can be with companies such as one offered here. Companies like these are there to take you around different tours of areas you visit at a low cost with safety and transportation covered by them. Some places are too tricky and to avoid spending the whole day looking for the exit of a huge mall to your parking spot how about finding someone who can walk you back to where you packed in no time.

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Movement is a thing that should always be on the top of your list as it starts from as soon as you step out of your house to start off a journey. It is necessary to leave for a trip after finalizing on what means of transport will favor you, different cities nowadays offer different options from car hires and a simple click here can help you find a car dealer, using of the car sharing apps like Uber, buying your own car for convenience and selling it off after the trip without worrying about damages to compensate for and last but not least public transport which is the cheapest option on the list. The choice comes down to what you find preferable and applicable in your time of need.

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What would be the point of visiting a place without a plan on where to stay? I guess I won’t get an answer for that. Just like transportation accommodation must be planned in advance to avoid staying on the streets. Booking of the hotel can be done in advance before arrival to avoid embarrassment finding that all hotels are fully booked and your reservation is rejected. Another option is using home sharing apps like Airbnb or finding a friend’s place to spend nights. My tour expert offers deals on hotels feel free to visit and find the cheapest deals available.

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In one of my blogs 14 MUST HAVE MOBILE APPS FOR TRAVELERS I outline having a currency conversion app to help with better understanding of foreign currencies. This will save you from the frauds of over pricing by the locals who take advantage of your naivety. A good knowledge of certain things like commodities or services prices can save you from blowing up your wallet. This reminds me of an experience I had while I was still working as a waiter in a restaurant I had a Japanese customer who I informed his bill in a local currency but wanted to give me the equivalent figure in their foreign currency which is 3 times stronger than the local currency and my generosity saved him some cash.

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As a traveler your backpack should always determine the length of your stay and what you carry in it is determined by the journey you take up. Coming up with a list of essential supplies for a journey may be quite challenging for a few people who are new to the habit of traveling but below I list down the few supplies that are mandatory for a traveler;

  • Toothpaste (usually provided by hotels but required if you plan to camp)
  • Flash Light
  • First aid kit
  • Coat
  • Notebook and a pen
  • Camera
  • A few pairs of clothes
  • Survival kit key holder
  • Antibiotics and other emergency medical supplies basing on your health condition

It is advisable to walk with some change as some local outlets hardly accept cards and with all this knowledge at the back of your mind then expect to have a mind blowing trip if all the points mentioned above are checked. Get prepared to have fun on the trip and if you own a smart phone I advise you to check on this article 14 MUST HAVE MOBILE APPS FOR TRAVELERS to guide you on which apps should be installed on your phone before any trip.

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