I found it really necessary to share knowledge on what you should expect if you intend to visit the UAE during these days when the restrictions that were earlier implemented by different governments to cub the spread of the disease became relaxed. Its of great importance to travel well knowing what to expect from where you intend to visit even when majority of the different countries opened their gates wide enough for tourists.

As you do plan your visit it is worth knowing that without COVID results for the past 72 hours your travel plans will be cancelled or disorganized. Upon arrival a valid certification showing your COVID status will be shown and if found negative you will be allowed to enter but practice self isolation just in case you might have got into contact with an infected person on the plane. Bear in mind that even within the UAE, states like Abu Dhabi are still strict with implementing the COVID regulations and entry will require you to present a COVID free certificate at the boarder point.

I find it really challenging wearing a mask day in and out but, one thing that is being highly enforced by the authorities is wearing a mask and this comes with a fine of more than 300 USD if found violating it. However if your trip is with children under the age of 5 it is better to note that the little ones can roam around freely without a mask. Gloves are no-longer enforced, its however advisable to have the sanitizing agent with you as multiple things our hands get onto are already contaminated.

The authorities through their different channels advise all visitors with plans to travel around to cancel all plans if they have symptoms of COVID (fever, cold, and flu) until you are certain you status is negative. Heat monitors are setup on every entrance of all properties accessible to the public and body temperatures beyond 37.5 Celsius or 99.5 Fahrenheit will have you denied access and advised to visit a doctor. If you are staying in a hotel that you already checked in, most hotels have isolation rooms, these are under close monitoring and nurses will determine whether to stay in hotel isolation or be moved to a government isolation center.
Movement around is quite challenging if your are planning to do it inform of a group as taxis will not exceed 2 passengers and only the back seat is utilized which leaves you an option of using more taxis which never comes at a cheap price. 7 seater taxis are as well available and if your are indeed lucky to stop one then these will stretch enough to carry up to 5 people though their scarcity makes it had to get the opportunity. Private taxi companies like Limousine with their disguised tinted windows have used it as away to evade authorities and carry up to 3 people in the back seat.

Different outlets have implemented new policies in order to abide with the social distancing proposal by the government of keeping at least 1 meter apart and it is now common to find that restaurants cut on the number of people that they can accommodate and when seated on a table their is a designated number of people who can occupy a table, moving in big groups wont necessarily mean you will stay together through out the journey. Limits are as well implemented in elevators as a maximum of 5 is the standard that security is pushing. Basing on what I have realized the only place you are free to be without a mask is in your house or hotel room and at a restaurant (after ordering something from the menu).

However this should not hinder you from having fun as public transport means like the metro, distancing is only recognized at the seats but for those standing its congestion mainly during the peak hours, to and fro work. Parties get packed to a point that the social distancing rule can no-longer be implemented. If you got a car to drive yourself around with the valet system in the whole Emirates changed, currently all valet will carry a plastic to cover your car seat and steering wheel and having your personal car is the best way to travel as restrictions on the number of people in a car mainly apply to the public transport.

The half covered faces with face masks makes it really hard to identify people and it will really help you if you don’t want to be noticed. A number of facilities, amenities and outlets open up everyday with some permanently closed because they ran bankrupt but a great number of them are already running. It is however better to remind the reader that the disease is still existing among us and we are better off prevent it before it forces us to cure it. Curing it might be an easy was but understanding that its a disease that has claimed a greater number of lives in a short span of time I you to stay safe and as more travel destinations open up for us to visit preparations have to be in high gears. A few of those I have met breaking the simple COVID rules i always tell them “It is better you visit the world than the hospital, so grab your mask and put it back on as you search for a great destination from“. Not forgetting to remind you traveling out of the UAE requires you to have a negative COVID test certificate.

Image source: Unsplash/Adam Nieścioruk

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