You claim you have traveled and touched the whole world, you have indeed touched every place on the planet and you know much about the east, west, south and the north but have you ever asked yourself why the middle east even when everyone knows it as a desert it still stands out as a tourist magnet in the world. Join me now as we go through the great details why Dubai a city down in the middle of the desert has emerged out as a tourist hot spot.

Not just far Dubai was a desert and after the formation of the United Arab Emirates umbrella, Dubai with zealous and smart leaders believed the greatest way of boosting its economy was to open up the city to the tourists a thing most of the middle east countries have grown to embrace. A city with a stanch Moslem following had to bend some rules in order to be accepted by tourists, with parties running from dusk to dawn, bikinis accepted at the beaches, alcohol among others.

The moment of arriving in Dubai, you are welcomed by one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world the DXD (Dubai International Airport) where you have to take a metro to go to the bag collection area, and on stepping outside you will be amazed by the cars waiting in cues as taxis, most of which are luxury cars and the depth of your wallet will determine your taste of luxury. For those with hotel bookings, some hotels have special VIP treats that will have you picked up in an expensive rides and moved to the hotel. Travel knowing that a great number of expensive, glamorous hotels awaits for you to book a room with them. Hands down Dubai has the great customer care i have ever tasted it made me think the first discipline they teach all employees is customer care and hospitality.

Get ready to let go of the stress and lose yourself in the desert with a number of companies like desert safari readily waiting to give you a ride of your life deep down in the desert and you don’t need to break the bank for the trip, choose to either visit the shores or the inland either way fun awaits you on both side. The beaches are very lively clean and a number of them are free so what are you waiting for head to the home page and schedule your next tour. Visit the Eye of the emirates wheel and spin 360 degrees getting the details over and under the ride. Don’t be bored in the room, an option to shop in one of the biggest mall awaits you The Dubai Mall seated on a whooping 12 million sq ft with hundreds of shops and amenities. Pay for a ticket and get yourself in the world’s biggest indoor aquarium, don’t limit the fun when around the corner you do get the clearest view of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa or even find a stroll and grab yourself a ticket to visit the top of the Burj Khalifa or even wait for the greatest fun that starts at night at the fountain with water dancing to the sounds of the strong drums.

Would you want to view Dubai in form of a frame then don’t sit on yourself rising high in the sky is a golden rectangular great looking structure called the Dubai Frame, when here your view will be limited the end of your eyesight but it gives you a splendid view of the city. Give yourself a chance to ride on one of the longest metro in the world as you visit a big number of recording breaking destinations. The high rising building will leave you wondering the limits of engineers, the canal cruise awaits you or visit the tallest hotel in the world the JW Marriott Marquis hotel. And if your credit card has no limit then what stops you from visiting the most rated hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab a different taste of luxury that you wont find anywhere in the world.

you cant say you have had fun if you have never had lunch in the sky at “Dinner in the Sky”, enjoy a great meal but mind not dropping the cutlery 🙂 Did i forget to mention about the super cars that the police cruises around in, Hmm that can never miss in the list more so if the police has ever pulled over in front of you in a Bugatti and if so they do park in front of you on your visit don’t let the opportunity fly away from you, taking photos is legal as well as posing with them. A stroll down the downtown streets will leave you amazed with the great art and architectural designs, the people out there are loving, happy and great to socialize with. And when the night falls the fun doesn’t stop rather a new type of fun opens up parties are a trending thing in Dubai and everyday has a theme on it so don’t let a Monday fool you that their is no fun happening because you will be amazed when you step out of the room.

Safety, Fun, Happiness, Memories, Greatness are some of the great things you should expect the moment you land in dubai winter or summer the clock of fun never stops running in the desert, Had a plan of visiting elsewhere? cancel that Dubai is calling see you there :-O

The world's largest picture frame

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