It is no longer a surprise that people have to settle and live their whole life committed to someone they never intended to be with or else one they intended to be with but after running out of options. Being dumped in a desert can make you forget that water should be treated or purified before it is drunk and that is what exactly happens when you lock yourself in a community and not offer yourself a chance to travel and see what the world offers, the few options the community offers are the only ones you can settle with. And with some communities still practicing the ancient practice of arranged marriage its really easy to settle with the wrong one and the only thing that can save you all the drama is if you get on the next tour bus.


Of recent intermarriages have become a catch and it is all happening because different communities have allowed travelers to hope in and settle among them, with different ways of upbringing, cultures, beliefs and among others, chances of finding the Mr. or Mrs. right are high if only you break your travel barriers. And if you consider people from your home area unhealthy because of the amount of fast foods they intake then now is the chance for you to visit and find places where fast foods are not a thing. Communities that grow their own food have great health reports compared to those in the middle of town where the only thing that grows is skyscrapers and the air they intake is all polluted with automotive fumes.


Finding the right person will never come easy but for as long as you note down the qualities you look for in a person then a date is enough for you to understand the kind of person you choose to commit to. Traveling will offer you a great number of options to choose from. Where as in a community of a few foreign settlers, interest in settling for one can be quite a challenge as some might be reserved for their own and on the other hand settling with one already in your community never gives you a chance to explore their culture as they might have adopted your culture. This is where traveling comes in handy as you get to choose from a vast group and an unlimited choices that are always readily available.


If you think you have met a beautiful, respectful and an understanding partner then think again because whatever is stopping you from exploring the world is letting you settle for less where you can even get more. If the gates were never opened in the first place for us to move out of our homes then we would live to settle with our own families but don’t let the only open gate from your home let you settle for what surrounds you alone, move to different colleges, communities, states, countries and continents for you to explore. The great solar system has offered us other planets to visit but they have not yet shown any sign of life and if so they ever do in the coming future, then move to that planet because someone maybe waiting for you. Choose from a great number of options offered by the world contrary from the few your eyes and ears are limited to, than committing yourself to settle with someone your heart never loved but because you got no other option to choose from. Such a settlement where you choose to go with all you have even when it hurts you every day is equivalent to inviting chaos in your whole life. As much as you might feel at peace with the one your with, my suggestion is before you seal off that relationship with a ring, first go for a solo trip and find out for yourself what lies beyond the boundaries where your eyes and ears never got a chance to touch during the time you agreed to settle with the one you are with. So what are you waiting for, grab your shoes and a travel bag, and move to the next place to find the true partner and if you don’t then settle with the one you had earlier before the trip; that could have been the right person for you.

Photo by Marion Fayolle

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