When people talk about Dubai the first thing that comes in your mind is the flashy lights, the never ending parties, the sand dunes and the oil money flashed around. Even with Dubai having its classic and iconic buildings “Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world” a city built on the foundation of the desert and housing less nationals compared to the population count of Dubai.

As the streets flash with golden lights some parts of Dubai are lit with as much as car headlights of vehicles moving around the area. Darkness to a point that stepping into a pit is too easy if you lose concentration of your journey. The areas of Jebel Ali are healing from the ruins they once were thankfully because of the 2020 EXPO a trending event that will paint a new image of Dubai to the world. The roads are all tarmacked only in tourists dense areas but a stroll down to the outskirts of town will welcome you with portholes and sand dust lifted by nonstop movement of trucks fetching employees most of the builders responsible for the construction of the cities of Dubai.

After spending a number of months in some of the developed areas of Dubai and then having moved to the struggling areas I realized the big margin drawn between the two. Where you find an organized community with markets all setup in the government designated areas, you will find streets, walkways, all turned into markets by a number of low earning workers you strive to double there pay in a country where people the average pay is 100 times away from their reach. Thankfully it was wise enough for the companies and government to come up with a policy of providing employees with accommodation as rent costs in Dubai will have you relocating each and every month if not render you homeless.

The kind of living in Dubai is the same if not worse than that of high school dormitories with a room pushed to occupy as much as 10 people one that would have housed 02 people, its a thing of take or don’t take, where some profitable companies abide and offer the best for their employees some struggling companies and as well as some well off companies that cant house everyone if they follow the house rules. Most employees opt to stay outside as company accommodation are filled with rules that can easily be broken;

– DON’T cook in the room.
– DON’T bring in visitors beyond midnight.
– DON’T possess contraband or you risk being fired.
– All visitors MUST login to security.
– Accommodation team will always break the rights of your privacy in search for contraband.

Such has forced employees to leave out or “BED SPACE” with most companies offering less than 300 USD as leave out allowance the much you can spend in Dubai on housing is a bed space. These Bed Spaces have no much difference from a usual low class accommodation, the number of people will be more than 4 in a room of 2 on banked beds, the lower beds come at a greater cost compared to the upper ones with prices set at 150 USD and 100 USD receptively. This will give you a taste of freedom as no rules apply apart from you having to pay your rent on time. If you are involved in a relationship, a bed space is your best option to get intimate with your partner, but before you think of moving there bear in mind that their is no room for being shy and ashamed, you are free to do as you please at any time of the day with your fiance and wont be stopped by anyone. For the lonely souls who lack a second one they are left with the option of hookers who come at a less cost of about 10 USD per round, and yes you read it right their cheap options in Dubai. Some hookers turn their bed space rooms into brothels and some prefer referring to them as massage parlors.

Over working is another story rarely talked about where most employees find it as a miracle having two consecutive days for their offs. The way of working in Dubai makes you think employers are more concerned on their profits to the people who put in the effort for them to earn that profit, with insurances covering as much as 10 USD, NO dental, NO optical and the only excuse for your absence at work should be illness if not being fired. The over working takes away a lot of opportunities from creative youths as they’re left with just a few hours to rest their bodies from the long days’ work. It even gets hard if your visa is sponsored by a company, they are the decision markers for you to live or stay and you cant get employed elsewhere unless they authorize it.

Even with such things happening in a safe country, caution has to be taken when walking in certain areas like Naif late in the night as multiple cases of theft get raised in those areas, great thing is that the police  plays an extra part of keeping the area safe as much as they can. Naif an area where all great  evil in Dubai is brewed from prostitution, scamming among others. DON’T quote me wrong, DUBAI is still a great place to live and tour as long as you earn above the average pay of about 1500 USD. Don’t let this stop you from visiting the golden city in the desert that awaits you with wonderful places to go to and a tonne of indoor and outdoor activities happening day and night. See you on your next trip

The sight of Burj Khalifa

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