Christmas is a time when we all rest from the year’s chaos and all the buzz, during this special festive time that is celebrated globally and comes at the last week of the year, you are certain to have a great time as preparations of ushering in a new year are underway. It is however fun to tryout celebrating Christmas away from your usual spot and taste the experience of Christmas from other places you have not been before. Below I share a list of cities you can catch a spectacular Christmas experience.


Quebec Xmas
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Quebec Canada

Quebec has for all time been a go to destination for festive travelers, with a blanket of snow covering the landscape and making it look alive that is how Quebec welcomes the Christmas spirit. Quebec has a number of activities to do during Christmas such as the traditional toboggan runs where you sit on a wooden sled and whiz down the snowy tracks other activities include attending the Germany Christmas market that is beautifully decorated with close to 80 stalls selling artisan products and delicious treats. So if you don’t wish to go far from North America Quebec welcomes you.


bruges xmas
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Bruges Belgium

When you look closely to a Christmas card it all looks like  fairy-tale but the actual fact is this fairy-tale look on the card comes to life in Bruges. The glow of the sparkling lights that keep the streets lit in gold amidst the dark nights and a great number of Christmas markets is an eye catching scene. Don’t forget to explore the city with  a cosy ride in the carriage and explore the city. For beer lovers, the drink is a big thing and the choices are many in Bruges and De Halve Maan (The Half Moon) is the best place to try it out. This place will give a great Christmas treat to beer lovers.


Rovaneimi Xmas
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Rovaniemi Finland

This is the official birth place of Santa Claus and you can experience Christmas everyday in the Santa Claus village. Get a chance to meet up Santa in person and after take part in the hometown fun activities like the reindeer safari, the husky dog sledding and the traditional snow mobile. With all that said when the night falls the place changes to a dazzling place as the buildings light up leaving no dark spots behind and during your visit don’t leave without being apart of the Aurora Borealis Safari where you will witness the magic in the sky.


New york
Photo by Johnell Pannell on Unsplash

New York  USA

This is the best time to visit New York although it gets crowded as it a hot-spot to tourists. The temps during the Christmas period are not too cold with little snow fall. The Rockefeller Christmas tree is a great piece of decoration in the city with more lights than you can ever imagine. The chill in the air and vibrancy of the city brings the Christmas magic to life. Planning earlier is advisable as during this time hotels are hard to get for late planners. The city itself is costly but the Christmas magic in the city comes to life. Don’t you forget to carry coats and boots, its still cold even if its not as bone cold as February.


Sydeny Xmas
Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

Sydney Australia

Do you wish to spend the holidays in a different way? Then Bondi beach Sydney Australia is the place to go. The beach stretches up to 1 km of sand making it able to host thousands of beach goers. During the Christmas season thousands of people flock the beach dressed in Christmas costumes. The weather is great if you want to run away from the cold temperatures but still keep the Christmas feeling alive. The area is family friendly and fun with a Christmas tree raised by lifeguards.


Tokyo Xmas
Photo by Nagatoshi Shimamura on Unsplash

Tokyo Japan

In a country where less than 10% are Christians, this doesn’t stop then from embracing the Christmas spirit. The whole city is lit up with lights. The most magical thing about Christmas in Tokyo is the lights that brighten up the city and the trending Christmas shopping. And this experience is doubled if you hung around and wait for the new year’s eve.


Image by <a href="">Gerhard G.</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay


Nuremberg Germany

Nuremberg is known for its Christmas Markets and it’s traditional festive German market with treats like gluhwein, gingerbread and Nuremberg’s famous bratwurst sausages. The opening ceremony is presented by the glamorous Christkind, who recites her now famous Christmas speech to thousands in the Main Market Square. You could also take a city tour in the old fashioned stage coaches and enjoy the nostalgic Christmas tunes the coachman plays on his trumpet. Finally take a walk up the steps of the Church of Our Lady for a spectacular view of the market’s decorative lights.


strasbourg xmas
Image by fumingli from Pixabay

Strasbourg France

After declaring itself as the capital of Christmas Strasbourg gives you a reason to visit it during the Christmas holidays. The great place offers endless glasses of Vin, great sights with half-timbered houses and the extensive Christmas markets. Not forgetting to mention Strasbourg has some the greatest Christmas lighting in Europe.


Vienna xmas
Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

Vienna Austria

Christmas in Vienna changes the your taste by moving you from the modern setting to the old age setting. It is very nice to be in a place where Christmas is celebrated as Christmas not as a usual public holiday. The Christmas markets are just the same catch as mentioned in the rest of the cities, snow skiing is another activity to take part and for food lovers, the whole place is field with all kinds of foodies. A family trip to this place for Christmas will leave memories in your photo album.


hallstatt xmas
Image by Nick115 from Pixabay

Hallstatt Austria

This place turns into a remarkable place when winter knocks in. The black mountains surrounding the village all get covered in snow and the sites are all eye catching. This place turns into a fairy-tale village with fluffy cotton covering the trees and pathways. When in Hallstatt you get disconnected from the usual, the town setting is perfect and for those who need a taste of the old era Christmas mixed with a modern lifestyle then get yourself onto the next train to Hallstatt. Hallstatt gets a 10 out of 10 places to visit on Christmas on my list.


copenhagen xmas
Photo by flickr @Ole Gjoerup

Copenhagen Denmark

Here the days are short and the nights are long and cold, but come to life with Christmas lights. Copenhagen is one of those great spots to  visit in Denmark. The Christmas markets are open and get a chance to taste the Christmas foodies on the Christmas Eve when the Christmas magic starts. The lights are spectacular and if you have some local friends then it will be a great time to visit some fun places.


London xmas
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London England

The chances of one dreaming and interacting in the dream in real life are close to none but when Christmas arrives in London this statement of dreams cant be touched change.  Here the whole city comes to life with lights, festive activities and Christmas tress. The London eye glows in the night and while the whole city is covered in lights, the royal botanic gardens boasts over a million of lights and the sights there are breathe taking. A visit with the family will be one you will hang on the wall for centuries with great memories.

slovenia xmas
Image by Helena Volpi from Pixabay

Ljubljana Slovenia

This city comes to life in Christmas and it is one of the best times to visit. It is filled with happiness everywhere and the Christmas markets are always open.  Try out the mulled wine and roasted almonds as you embrace the Christmas spirit. The lights are decorated in an artistic way and don’t be surprised if you see shooting stars or even a DNA strand, these light arts are one of the common tourist attraction.

Bethlehem xmas
Photo by flickr @Robot brainz

Bethlehem West Bank

While this city holds history on why we celebrate Christmas as it was the birth place of Jesus Christ, this should not be the only reason why you should visit the city. Bethlehem comes to life during Christmas with lights and during this time families spend most times outside to enjoy the vibe. Christmas here stays for long as some religions celebrate Christmas on the 7th and 6th of January.

Dubai xmas
Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Downtown Dubai

The country is dominated by Muslims but this does not stop the Christmas spirit from coming to life. The tram running down the town is decorated in lights and music playing around the streets contribute on the great sights and sounds. Street performances and shopping malls are all lively and selling on discounts, this makes it the right time to check the gift shopping off your list. The city is full of lights during the normal days but with more lights added in the festive season, it gets more brighter and eye catching. During this time the weather in Dubai is attractive with cool breezes at night and fairly hot days.


With all that shared its in your right to decide where to go first and last, an adventure on Christmas is one that will never fade easily so don’t hesitate taking part in it.

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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